Thursday, November 18, 2010

Question Day

Yes, today is question day, but I have a few things I want to say first. :o)

Last night we went up to the Hills for our monthly dinner with the Paranormal Group.  As usual, it was a great night. Lots of lively and interesting conversations, lots of laughter, and as always, great food.

Last night I learned something about myself.  I was chatting with C about all things spiritual, and we got to talking abut objects holding energy.  I mentioned that I can't wear used or estate jewelery because I often pick up energies from those who have worn them before.  She asked if I can hold someone's jewelery and get a sense of that person.  I said I have never tried it.

So she gave me her ring to hold.  Almost immediately I get a real tightness in my chest and a real sense of dread.  Dread is a weird word, but is the only way I know how to describe it.  Turns out C is going through a break up and is feeling dread and it is manifesting as chest pain.  Very very bizarre.

So now I am intrigued.  I have heard of people being able to do this.  In fact, the psychic I sometimes see holds a piece of your jewelery to connect with you, but I never knew I could do this.  I mean, I knew I picked up energies from old jewelery, but I never thought that could translate to this.

I was completely freaked out last night, but now I want to see if this is something I can develop.  Who knows.  Maybe last night was a one off thing, but I am definitely keen to find out.  :o)

The rest of the night was mainly me listening to everyone else talk, which is usually the way.  I do feel like I take a lot from these dinners, but don't tend to contribute a great deal.  Hopefully that will change though.

Our meals took ages to come out last night for some reason. When they finally did the first lot had to go back. The reason? A possum piddled from the tree above us and caught the waiter square on, with the splash landing right into the meals he was holding!  It was the absolute funniest thing. I can just imagine the chef's reaction when the waiter took the meals back - "Are you serious? A possum pee'd in the meals? You expect me to believe that?" LOL

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 3
I am grateful for new friends and wonderfully open and accepting people that have come into my life this year.

Question Day Questions.
1)  What is your favourite sandwich filling?
2)  What's for dinner?
3)  Who was the last person you talked to?
4)  What can you hear right now?
5)  What is your favourite colour?



Kylie said...

1) What is your favourite sandwich filling?
My current fave is hard boiled egg, avocado, & colby cheese on fresh multigrain bread. Mmmmmmm

2) What's for dinner?
No idea, MIL is cooking tonight. :o)

3) Who was the last person you talked to?
The man who just came in to change over our security bin.

4) What can you hear right now?
The fax machine and computers humming.

5) What is your favourite colour?


spunkysuzi said...

1) What is your favourite sandwich filling? I don't really eat sandwiches but when i do it's a blt with turkey bacon or roast beef and hot mustard :)
2) What's for dinner? - Mom's tuna casserole a recipe i found in the ww's magazine.
3) Who was the last person you talked to?-the hubby
4) What can you hear right now?-my fridge humming
5) What is your favourite colour?-usually blue, lately purple

Anonymous said...

1)Fav sandwich filling - ham, cheese & tomatoe
2) Dinner tonight - steak and salad
3) Last person I spoke to - the boys from work on a conference call
4) What can i hear now - the boys from work on a conference call
5) Fav colour - blue

Jess @ THIR said...

Lol at the possum pee...

Superman has something like that jewlery thing going on too, when he went over to the states, he gave me his necklace. While he was away I had to get stitches in my finger, and he called me pretty much right after it happened and asked if I was ok... So strange... And freaky!

1) What is your favourite sandwich filling?
I have two. I either go for egg and lettuce, or chicken and avocado. Nom.
2) What's for dinner?
I think Chorizo and Fetta Risotto. Hopefully I can make it fast before I head off to swim training!
3) Who was the last person you talked to?
Dimity. She sits across the office from me. We pretty much keep each other amused all day, it's a quiet office!
4) What can you hear right now?
The return air grille above my head. Ed talking on the phone....
"And that's why I tell you... you better be home soon"
5) What is your favourite colour?
I always automatically say orange. But I like both orange and red equally.

Trace said...

1) chicken, salad
2) fish salad and rice
3) my boss to confirm my updates on the corp website.
4) Air con, and my two PC fans (yes my office is that quiet!
5) Navy

creativedawn said...

Okay...perhaps all this time you've been going and not saying anything is the way you absorb knowledge and energy. You will find that you will sense things from holding objects without much trying as soon as you unblock. It will be interesting how you!
1)chicken salad is my favorite sandwich filling
2)Homemade, grilled Paninis
3)I just conversed with my 22 yo dd
4) I am listening to "Ancient Aliens" on the History channel...talking about the grid of mysterious places on Earth as it relates to UFO sitings. Other worldly being visited our ancestors and showed them how to use the earth's natural energy field much like the acupuncturer does with our bodies. The Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the other places are not where they are by happenstance...
5) right now my favorite color is PURPLE...all shades from light to dark!!!

sassy said...

It is a great gift to have. Maybe the message is that now is the time to develop it?!
I don't think you are not contributing to the group. You are part of it now, there is no escape:)

1) What is your favourite sandwich filling?
Cheese, tomato, spinach, hommus or egg.
2) What's for dinner?
Cheese and tomato toasted
3) Who was the last person you talked to?
4) What can you hear right now?
Washing machine
5) What is your favourite colour?