Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Test Results

I got all my blood test results back yesterday, and I have to say I am pretty pleased, and also surprised.  The reason I went to the doctor is that I was getting symptoms that I was concerned about.  Firstly I was concerned about my sugar levels as I was pee'ing a lot, and with my history of pre-diabetes in the past and my family history I need to be careful.  Also I was getting hot flushes and a few other things symptomatic of menopause.  Even though I am only 37, with my history, early menopause would not be a surprise.  So we got bloods done.

Sugars - perfect.  Still no signs of diabetes or the pre-diabetes that has shown up in the past.  All good there.

Oestrogen - Perfect. In fact, all hormones spot on.  No menopause.

Thyroid function - perfect.

Cholesterol - spot on.  This was a surprise as I have not been eating that well, but it is right smack in the middle of the good range, with my good cholesterol being high and my bad cholesterol being low.

Vitamin B12 - perfect

Vitamin D - Still low, but a significant improvement from last time, so I will keep taking the supplements for another year and get tested again.

Iron - borderline.  Not anemic, but getting low.  The problem here is that I can not usually take supplements as they make me constipated.  But I have a low dose children's supplement that is "guaranteed" not to cause constipation.  And I am taking only half the recommended dose.  So we will see how that goes.  Plus I will make a conscious effort to increase the green veg and legumes in my diet and try and get there naturally.

Overall I am incredibly pleased.  Most of the symptoms I went for originally have stopped or slowed, so she said to just give my body a few more months to adjust to being off the Pill and to adjust to the fat that the anxiety and depression seems to have gone as well.  If things are still hinky in 3 months I will go back, otherwise I will just let my body sort itself out.

Considering I have not necessarily treated my body properly this year, this is an outstanding result for me, but yet another kick in the butt to remind me that I do need to look after this body.  I only get one in this lifetime, I need to care for it.

100 Days of Gratitude Day 2
Today I am grateful for my health.  My body seems to be doing really well despite how I can treat it.  So I am grateful for that and determined to start treating it the way it deserves to be treated, with love and respect.



Megan said...

That's awesome news Kylie, on so many levels. The good test results are great, but the overcoming of the anxiety and depression is even better. Stay well :o)

Tracy said...

Glad your news from the doctors was good. Keep well.

Today I am grateful that it is dry enough for the house painting to continue. This has turned in to a drawn out project which I would like finished.