Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aiming for 100

Ever since I started seriously riding over 2 years ago I have talked about doing a 100km ride. Well, time to stop talking and start DOING! Before 2010 is out I will have ridden 100kms in 1 day. My PB to date is around 75kms and that was well over a year and a half ago. This weekend just gone I did 42kms. I figure if I add 5-10kms every couple of weeks, I will easily be there by the end of the year.

This Saturday is a ride day and I want to do at least 50kms.  I need to go to the Library and then I thought I would visit my Grandma in the Nursing Home.  My place, to the library, to Grandma's, to home is a little over 50kms I think.  I don't mind if it takes me all day.  I just want to rack up those kms.  Each day I do a big ride is one step close to the goal of 100.

Yesterday I finished working on my next Children's Picture Book story and was brave and sent it to a publisher.  I sent it to the same publisher that did not accept my first one.  It is very different to the first one though so I am hoping to get a better response.  The first one is currently with my second choice of publishers.  But while I am waiting the agonising 4 months to hear back from these places, I will start working on the next one.  I have a few in draft form, I just need to work out which one I will work on next.

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