Friday, July 9, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

Thanks for the offers of being my running buddy.  I only wish at least one of you lived in SA!  LOL  I will find someone, I am sure of it.  It will just take some time.

Last night Ross & I went out for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  We went to Cafe Mondiali on Unley Road.  They had an awesome vegetarian selection.  Ross had a vegetarian Calzone and I had Fettuccine with vegetables in napoli sauce.  I wish I had taken my camera because the desserts were to die for.  We had gelati desserts.  Min had peppermint gelati, surrounding with a thick layer of chocolate gelati, then rolled in chocolate and mint chips.  It was devine.

However we got some bad news when we got home.  One of Di's (MIL) oldest friends passed away last night.  He had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and never regained consciousness.  Unfortunately he is over in country Victoria so at this point Di can't go tot he funeral because Grandad's paperwork won't be through by then to get him into respite.  Ross and I are going to talk to our bosses and see if we can each get a day and half off so that she can take 3 days and go over there.  I am not sure if we will be able to swing it, but I hope we can.

This weekend will include a bike ride, a run, and my first book Club Meeting.  As well as some writing hopefully.  Plus I have an order for 120 of my cards, and as long as the last of the supplies arrive today I will also be making them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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