Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner with Mel

Last night Ross & I were lucky enough to have dinner with the amazing Mel from Tri Hard to Triathlete.  We went to Montezumas.  Vego options for me and Ross and meat for Mel.  :o)  It was such a fun evening.  It was so amazing to hear Mel talk about her HIM training and events, as well as her preparation for the full IM next year.  If you think she's inspiring to read, you should talk to her!

I did get a minor butt kicking.  She was very gentle about it, but the butt kicking was there, nonetheless.  I have a lot to think about.  I know that everything she said was spot on, but I need to absorb and integrate it.  Mel, I will take a lot of it on board, I just need to do it in my time.  :o)

Tonight I am off for my 2nd run.  I promised the coach of the Start Running Group that I would do 2 runs between each Thursday session.  I have my new sneakers here - look, I have 'pinked' them up.

And I will head off from here before going home.  The plan is - walk to my 2km start point, shuffle-run the first km, turn around and alternate proper running with walking on the way back.  I'll report in tomorrow.

This weekend the plan is to do the detox I was talking about last month.  It is a 7-day detox and is based on eating whole unprocessed foods for a week.  It's dairy-free (no cheese :o( ), caffeine-free, alcohol-free, meat-free, gluten-free, processed-foods-free.  I will sit down over the next couple of days and plan what I will eat, then start either Thursday or Friday.



Jess @ THIR said...

Mel, come butt kick me next please :P

Anonymous said...

There's a trip to Melbourne on the cards so be careful what you wish for Jess :) Thanks so much for coming for dinner last night, I had a great time and could have stayed talking for hours! Your cookies were absolutely devine as well! I know that you'll get back on track, you just need a trigger to get you there. xoxox

Trace said...

What a nice dinner you guys must have had, and I will order a butt kick too please! your shoes look amazing Kylie, one thing I always say to my girls that I train. "If you look good, you feel good, and then you have the confidence to take on the world!" the worlds all yours Kylie's. ox Trace