Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Loving the Cycling

I seem to have re-found my passion for cycling.  Not that I ever not liked it, but as cycling is my main form of transport, I had begun to see it that way which is never good.  My ride on Sunday was awesome.  Then yesterday as I was leaving work I decided I wanted more than just a 'ride home'.   So I took myself off a different way and had a ball.  I didn't add all that much to my distance, (12kms instead of 8kms) but it wasn't about that.  It was about riding for the sake of riding, through a new neighbourhood, with new surroundings.  And I had a ball!

This morning I decided to ride a different way in to work.  Similar distance (I don't have showers at work so I can't add to much to the distance as 8-9kms is my "sweat-free-zone") but just through different roads.  It was awesome.  I think that fact that it hasn't been absolutely freezing this week has definitely helped matters, but also just getting out there, freeing my mind, and just enjoying it has been amazing.  From now on, if I don't have to go straight home for any reason, I am going to try and go a different way, or take a longer path. 

I spent yesterday evening making photo cards.  I have an order for 120 cards due this weekend.  Unfortunately my supplies took 3 days longer than they should have to arrive so I am now under the pump a bit to get them done.  I got 40 done last night, so if I can repeat that tonight and tomorrow night they will all be ready for the weekend.

Ross has Sunday off work - the first one since he began this job - so we are going for a hike.  Our Heyson trip is in 3 months and we really haven't done a lot in preparation.  Time to get a wriggle on with it.



Jess @ THIR said...

Somewhat irrelevant, but I am allowed to ride again now!!

So hopefully I'll have a similar blog soon ;)

You sound happy (but busy) which is an awesome way to be in winter. We normally get so depressed! Glad it's been decent weather in Vic too, so might have to hit the pavement tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I love riding to work too!! You're so right about it being a great way to free your mind. I look at all the lemmings in their cars stuck at the lights and think "How lucky am i!?" Even if it is blowing a gale :)