Friday, July 2, 2010


So yesterday when I did my 10 for 10 update I mentioned I had written the first sentence of my novel.  After I blogged I wrote another sentence, then another, then another.  The result?  By last night the first draft of the first chapter was done!  This morning I started chapter 2.

Now this may not seem like a lot to many.  But you need to understand I have been working on the concept for this novel for over a year.  By September last year I had the concept nutted out, the main plot, several subplots, all plotted out and planned.  The characters were written, the relationships straight in my head.  Yet I just couldn't seem to write it. 

All of a sudden it just started coming out.  The weird thing is that I have not looked at my notes since the end of last year.  In fact, they are in storage.  So right now I am winging it.  But maybe that is what I needed to do.  Get some distance from the planning stage so I was free to create.  While I am going strong I am not going to get my notes from storage.  I will write as much as I can then refer to the notes when I get stuck.  It seems to be working so far.  I know I have already changed some of the characters names and slightly changed some of the relationships, and even dropped one character.  But for now it seems to be working, and these are things I can always change back down the track.

I am feeling very motivated right now, so will go with the flow for as long as I can.  If I can write one chapter a week, the first draft will be finished by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed!


I forgot to say this the other day.  I heard back from the Publisher I sent my children's picture book to and they have not accepted the manuscript.  I will now put it all together again and send it to another publisher.  I have another couple in mind to send it to so I will keep going until I run out!

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Anonymous said...

Thats the ticket Kyles, just keep chipping away. I bet Harry Potter took a few cracks before someone took it on. xoxoxo good work on the writing too....sometimes it just takes a while to open the floodgates and once you do, watch out!