Friday, July 16, 2010

Bluebell's Milestone!

My beautiful Bluebell (my bike for those of you who have not been acquainted) reached a milestone this morning.  In the 15.5 months I have had her she has clocked up just over 2500 kms!!!!  It is a little hard for me to fully comprehend that in that amount of time I haven ridden - using my own legs and not a motor - 2500 kms...  Two and a half years ago I couldn't walk for 10 minutes without needing defibrillators.  The Grocery Shopping used to wipe me out for several hours and required a sleep to recover from.  And now I have clocked up all those kms.  I know that compared to all the tri-people who read this blog that is nothing, but for me it is a massive achievement, and one I am very proud of.  Especially considering 1000 of those kms have occurred this year.  :o)

Yesterday morning Grandad had a fall in the toilet.  MIL could not get him up so called the ambulance.  The paramedic came and got him up and checked him out.  He was fine and did not need a trip to the hospital.  But the paramedic noticed how exhausted MIL was and asked if she was okay.  MIL filled her in on the last 5 or 6 weeks, how none of us are sleeping etc.  The paramedic (our hero) decided that was not acceptable and got some emergency respite organised - effective immediately!  Within an hour MIL and Grandad were on their way.

We now have 2 whole weeks of smoke-free silence.  Last night we folded up the sofa bed and we all sat in the lounge room and watched the big TV.  Just because we could.  Tonight we are thinking of going out for dinner to celebrate.

Since none of us are tied to the house this weekend we are going to get out and do stuff.  Tomorrow I need to deliver my photo cards.  The client is about a 15km drive away, so I am riding there.  Then tomorrow night we have my work social night.  We are doing dinner and bowling so that should be fun.  And Sunday Ross & I are going for a hike.  I am looking forward to every bit of it!



MelBird said...

They are great stats on your bike! Its funny how we get so attached to our bikes - we spend so much time together that the bike starts to feel like part of you.
Enjoy your all deserve the break.
Plus...don't downplay how far you have come. You inspire have lots of stuff going on in your life and keep on going with everything regardless. xo

Jess @ THIR said...

Well done on the kms :) Amazing how much our body changed in a short time huh.
My road bike was second hand, so had kms on it that I didn't do... and my moutain bike has only had a computer for the second half of it's life. I should go check them out actually. I might impress myself (or not!!)

Happy Friday, I hope you have an AWESOME weekend, all to yourselves :D

Trace said...

Gret Work Kylie, milestone are named that for a reason. hve the best weekend relaxing and enjoying each other. ox Trace.

Emz said...

Well done, hun! 2500km is amazing!!! Think of how long that would take to drive - well over 26 hours (rough calculations - the trip to Roxby is 560km and takes 5 and a half hours).

I'm soooo glad you get a bit of a rest from your grandpa. I really feel for you all pushing through each day when you're so tired and stressed. You are all so great! xox