Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Need A Running Buddy

Someone I can meet at a set time each week and go for a run with. Not necessarily to run together, but to start together, meet after, then maybe go for a coffee or something. The question is, how do I find this elusive person???? I am thinking Sunday mornings is probably the best time for me, but I need to find someone I can meet up with hopefully somewhere I can easily access by bike or public transport, that I will get along with, and who will encourage me to keep running.

My Start Running Group – take 2 – starts in 2 weeks. I know it is a start running group but I really wanted some decent running under my belt before starting as I am really slow and don’t want to hold everyone back. This weekend – NO EXCUSES!

Today is my Wedding Anniversary. I can’t believe three years have gone by so quickly. And I still like him! That probably sounds weird, but by the time I was married for 3 years the first time around I was looking desperately for an escape.

We are going out to dinner tonight which will be nice. We haven’t had a date night since Grandad moved in so this will be great. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Grandad, we had the Geriatric Assessment Team come in this morning, finally. He has been assessed as High Care which will make finding a spot for him easier, and also as High Priority for Respite, which means as soon as the paperwork comes through we can book him in for a week so we can all have a rest. Although we still don’t know timeframes, it is such a relief to know where we stand and to know that things are finally moving forward. The end may not be in sight yet, but we know it is coming. We have chosen the Aged Facility we want to get him into and already have him on the list. Now it is just wait and see.

One more day till the weekend! WOOHOO!



Jess @ THIR said...

Maybe see if someone from your running group is near you or wants to do some homework or something? Otherwise, you can always try CK, or even just see if there's anyone in your neighbourhood running around at the same tme and make friends with them.

Worth a shot anyway ;)

And good news on Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

I'd volunteer however the commute is a killer :) Regardless if you think you're slow and you'll be left behind you should still go to run group. I guarantee you won't be left behind (thats the whole point of all levels of runners!) and it gives you a kick along to improve. Remember consistency is the key....and I agree with jess, there will probably be someone at your run group.
3 years is tops!! I barely made it to 2 before I realised I didn't like him :) Have a great night tonight xoxo

Alibongo said...

yeah, I'd put my hand up as a running buddy, but its a little far :-) There must be someone in your running group who'd be up for that?

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Linda50 said...

Sorry Kylie I am a bit far away too - unless you can wait until September - LOL.

Good news on your Grandad.