Sunday, July 25, 2010

Muffins and Sneakers

Friday night I bought new sneakers.

I spent way more than I could afford, so hopefully they are good strong solid sneakers.  I went to Athletes Foot and got measured.  I was quite prepared to walk out if they did not listen to me, being a fat person claiming to be a runner you would be amazed at how people refuse to listen, but the girl was great.  She measured me for womens and mens shoes (I have very wide feet) and did the fit print thingy.  I told her I did not want anything with arches in hem as my feet are half a size different so the arch always sits in the wrong spot in one foot.  Rather than telling me "You need arch support" like I usually get she said "fine".

We picked a few pairs to try on, all different brands.  I picked the Asics - the most expensive of all the pairs I tried unfortunately.  But they felt really good.  I got a mens 9 1/2.  The last pair I was sold were a mens 11 - no wonder my feet have been flopping around for the last 6 months!

Note to self - don't shop at Rebel Sport again, stick with Athletes Foot.

After shopping I met up with Ross, Em, and Bryan for a wander and some dinner.  Ross and I both got a vegie focaccia.  We have this same thing most times in the city, but for some reason Friday night it was gross.  Neither of us finished it.  And we both ended up with diorreah Saturday and part of Sunday.... 

Note to self - never get that again.

So the weekend plans of yoga and a long ride got swept away with tummy pains and trips to the loo.  I did some baking though (when the diorreah subsided obviously) and made my famous Honey Oat Cookies and a new Muffin recipe.

Marbled Choc Chip Muffins.  Vanilla muffin mix with choc chips and choc muffin mix all combined.  Delish!

This afternoon I took the sneakers out for a run.  The sneakers did great - I did shit.  I am still really mad at myself for losing so much running fitness that I worked so hard to build up.  I struggled.  I alternated between walking, and my usual shuffle-run, and actual running.  I felt horrid.  Uncoordinated, and heavy footed, and breathless, and just bleh.  The sneakers did great.  My feet were a bit sore towards the end because these shoes are so much firmer than my old ones, but I am guessing they will get used to it.  But I could not get into a rhythm.  I struggled with my breathing.  And I felt awful.  Definitely no runners high today.  Hopefully Tuesdays run will be better,

Tomorrow night I am catching up with Mel for dinner.  I am sure she will kick my self-pitying butt.  :o)



Emily said...

Oh I need new sneakers, I have been putting it off, but I need to just go out and do it I think.

And the choc vanilla marbled muffins look delicious!!

Alibongo said...

ooooh, lovely new shoes!! I hope to get some myself soon! (waiting until after my birthday in case anyone gives me some funds to put towards a pair)

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Yay for new sneakers! I'm glad they worked well for you on your run. Don't be so hard on yourself about losing your fitness. Just keep at it and it WILL get easier!