Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Weekend

I had a great and busy weekend.  It started Friday night with dinner at Mum's.  Well, the real reason I went was to raid her fabric stash, but dinner was an added bonus!  :o)  I grabbed a whole heap of fabric ready to start my hexagon quilt.  I have been planning this quilt for a couple of years, so it is going to be great to actually get started.  We had a great night catching up.

Saturday morning I got stuck into finishing the last knitted square for the the blanket.  I knitted while watching Season 1 of Charmed on DVD.  A great morning.

Around lunch time Ross & I headed out for our hike.  It was a stunning day.  No rain for the first time in a week, and we even saw the sun!  My foot hurt a little going up the hill, although I found going backward helped with that.  Besides, going backwards I got to watch this amazing view unfold before my eyes.

The stitching together of the panorama isn't great (it gets bigger if you click on it), but you can get an idea of how high we climbed and what we could see.

This is Ross right at the top.  Those teeny tiny building in the background sticking up is the city of Adelaide.

There were birds galore out in force and it was just stunning.

Going back down made my foot hurt a tiny bit, but it wasn't too bad.  We got to the point where Ross likes to turn off, however we couldn't get across.

At least, I wasn't prepared to since I don't have waterproof army boots!  (For some reason Blogger won't let me put that photo in the right way up, sorry about the side view...)

We made it round in a couple of hours and had a great time.  I was thinking of going again, but my ankle was a bit twinge-y so I decided to stop there.  I got home and put my foot on an ice pack for a couple of hours while I finished knitting.  The ice pack seemed to really help, and it is feeling good now.

I got the last square done and laid out the blanket how I am going to put it together.  I meant to take a pic of it all laid out, but I forgot.  Sorry about that.

Sunday morning I went to the local quilt shop with Di to get the backing for the blanket.  I got a nice deep red with a black curly line pattern on it.  It will look sensational.  I spent the rest of the day alternating between sewing the blanket together and baking cookies.  I really enjoyed the whole day.

Tonight Ross & I are heading back up to Shep to do another walk.  We leave in 7 weeks, so I need to walk as much as possible in that time.  Either hiking or just walking in general.


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