Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Inc

Last night Ross & I sat sown to watch Food Inc.  Thankfully we waited until AFTER dinner to put it on...  Now I know that I am in Australia, not the US where this was filmed, but it still spoke to me.  Firstly, I am glad I am a vegetarian.  Lately I have been toying with the idea of the occasional meat meal, mainly because I have been craving fish & chips or roast chicken & chips.  That craving is gone.  Well and truly.

I knew the treatment of many of these animals was appalling, I had already made the switch to organic free range meat where possible (although it is a very expensive way to eat and not something we could always afford) but I had no idea of the drastic conditions they were kept in some place (actually in a lot of places).  And this treatment is not just encouraged by the massive companies that are buying the produce, in many cases it is mandated by them!

But it is not just the meat industry.  The entire food industry needs an overhaul.  Ross & I have been toying with the idea of a veggie garden for ages.  Time to stop toying and start growing.  We also often miss the local Farmers Market and buy our veg from the supermarket.  No more.  We need to be a lot more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

I was so appalled by so much of this movie that I probably missed some bits.  I will watch it again I think.  I also want to find out how I can find out more about the Australian food industry to see if it is as appalling as the US.  I will need to start researching.  And I WILL start thinking more about the foods I buy.  Aiming for Australian grown and produced as much as possible, and fresh fruit and veg - from the markets.

I think the timing of this was something that was 'meant to be'.  I have been feeling more and more like I need to refocus on my food but the whole calorie counting thing was getting me down.  This is a way I can refocus and bring good whole foods back into my life without worrying about calories for now.  If I concentrate on the quality of my food, I am hoping the rest will follow.

Daily Tarot

Knight of Pentacles
This card represents someone in your life who is dependable and hard working.  They are resourceful, and thrifty.  Good with money.  Organised to the point of annoying.  A bit of a loner.  Can even verge on dull or stubborn.  If you draw this card you are asked to recognise who this person is on your life.  Is it you?  Or someone close to you?  Listen to what they have to say as they have a message for you.



Anonymous said...

If you think about the amount of crap that is in processed food (chocolate, cakes, chips, etc etc)then you would probably be equally as appalled. It is all a product of the food company's motivation to manipulate the consumer. White bread shouldn't stay fresh for days - it does because of the amount of chemicals, preservatives etc that are in it. Stick to clean foods and you won't need to calorie count religiously. Portion control is still important but you won't have to worry about cals in a piece of chocolate cake if you realise that most of what is in it isn't natural or clean.

Kylie said...

I know Mel. That is something else they focussed on - the fast food and junk food industries. So much of it isn't even food.
A complete food overhaul is in the works....
Watch this space...