Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New People

Tonight Ross and I are going to a new Meetup Group.  I found this group through the same place as I found the Book Club.  It is called MeetUp and it is a worldwide website designed to get people meeting each other.  It has groups for just about every topic all over the place.

Anyway, tonights group is a meetup of people who are interested in the Paranormal and Unexplained.  It is up in the Adelaide Hills and both Ross and I are interested and are planning on going.  I am really nervous about it.  Mainly because it is a big(ish) group of people who all seem to know each other already.  Ross and I are the only new people going.  Plus I am a bit scared that I won't understand what people are talking about as some of the topics they discuss are things I have never heard of.  But Ross will be with me so I am sure I will be fine.

Daily Goals
1)  Drink water (this has been sadly lacking)
2)  Take my vitamins
3)  Eat better than yesterday
4)  Be brave and actually go tonight
5)  Tidy my desk because it is getting pretty overcrowded

Daily Tarot

4 of Cups
This card represents self-absorption, apathy and boredom.  You have been disappointed by somebody or something and now you are emotionally stuck.  You don't like what is in front of you and you can't be bothered to look further than your own brooding mind.  It is a shame because if you listen to the voice of wisdom you will look up and see that what you need is not that far away.


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