Monday, August 9, 2010

Tarot and Baking

Saturday I had my Tarot workshop.  We got there at 10 and spent some time getting to know each other.  It was a good group of 6.  4 of us had all been in the same Basic Tarot course, although we hadn't sat near each other so didn't know each other.  We spent the day going through the Major Arcana in detail.  We looked at the Tarot meaning, the symbology, the numerology, and the astrology associated with each card.  There is so much to take in.

At the end of the session we were meant to all do a detailed reading, but before we got to that we had already gone an hour over time.  So we are meeting again tonight to finish up.

I spent yesterday in the kitchen.  Firstly making a big bowl of veggie soup, then baking.  First up I made Hazelnut cookies.  I'll be honest, not a huge fan of them, although my MIL loves them.

That was followed by Chocolate Cream Cookies.

Now I tell you - these are sensational!  Kinda like an Oreo, but tastier.  I had some cream left, so I added cocoa and decided to sandwich together some of the Hazelnut cookies.

It improved them, but they are still not really to my taste.  They are nice, just not my kinda cookie.  :o)

Throughout the cooking I read a book.  It is "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold.  A movie was made out of it that I had wanted to see, but never got around to.  The book was excellent.  Very moving.  I highly recommend it.

Last night Ross and I spent snuggled up watching TV.  No book.  No laptop.  No DS.  Just us.  It was sensational.  And way too long since we have just spent time like that together.  :o)


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Alibongo said...

THose cookies look fabulous! (especially the chocolate ones :-) )

I loved the book "The Lovely Bones" and so was a little disapointed with the movie, because I could not put the book down, I was expecting BIG things from the movie. However, my partner who hadnt read the book, LOVED the movie!