Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, it's official.  I am out of Running Group for now.  The Achilles is still sore.  Walking is mostly okay, cycling is mostly okay, running hurts.  Since I have my 5 day hike coming up in a couple of months I am not prepared to risk it, so am resting it as much as possible.

I will get there though.  I know I will.  :o)

Nothing much else to report.  Last night was a relaxing evening filled with cooking, and spending time with the fella.  Plus a bit of reading and doing some puzzles.  It was really nice.

I am going to go back to doing my Daily Goals.  So here are the 5 for today:
1)  Drink 6 glasses of water (I haven't been doing this lately)
2)  Monitor my food intake - not calorie counting or anything, just monitoring so I can see where I am at
3)  Don't waste half the day surfing the Net.  Get my work done first
4)  Start sorting through the TV room - it's a mess
5)  Write a letter


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