Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Back

Wow, Long time no blog. :o)

I have had a long weekend, and I have loved every second of it.  Coming back to work today has been hard, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

It started Saturday when I made my way into the city to pick up the new bike helmet I won.  Yep – I won a helmet!  I never win things so I was super stoked.  It is a Gear Up Girl Helmet for the bike ride in November.  The first 100 to register got one and I was in the first group.  YAY!

Saturday afternoon I spent shopping with Em.  We had a great time as usual.

Sunday morning was Book Club.  It was a really interesting group because this time we all had very different opinions on the book.  I had a great time.  From there I met up with my sister and niece in the city for my Niece’s 13thi birthday shopping trip.  I can’t believe she’s a teenager already.

Monday morning I caught up with a friend for coffee then went to a Tea exhibition at the Unley Council Museum.  Sounds strange, but it was really interesting. 

Then yesterday I spent writing and reading and relaxing.  It was fabulous.

I did no exercise at all (other than walking around the city) and I didn’t think about my food.  Strangely, I also didn’t overeat which is bizarre in a way.  I barely turned the computer on over the 4 days which was also fabulous.  I am becoming too reliant on the blasted thing so it was good to make the decision to avoid as much as possible.

But I am back at work today and already straight back into it.  I wish I had taken the whole week off, but I have more time off in October so I just have to hold out until then.


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Emily said...

Sounds like a lovely long weekend : )

Sometimes it is nice just to ignore the computer for a few days, I find when I'm at work I'm so dependant on CK that it's nice when the weekends come and I don't have to look at it for a few days and I can prove to myself I can do it on my own...until monday morning lol :D

Em x