Monday, August 23, 2010

Food and Gardening

Sunday morning saw us all troop down to the local Farmers Market.  It was an absolutely glorious day.  I even took my jacket off while we were there and walked around in a T shirt!  Spring must be on its way!  I forgot to take my camera which I am regretting because the colours and sights (as well as the amazing smells) were phenomenal.  We stocked up on some amazing in season veggies.  Bought some honey and fresh bread.  And finished the morning with a Bush Tucker ice cream.  This ice cream is to die for.  If you're ever in Adelaide and get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it.

From the Farmers Marker we went to Bunnings to get a few extra things for our gardening adventures.  Gardening lasted all afternoon.

This is what we started with

We started by scooping the top layer with the grass off

We then filtered this dirt getting as much of the grass and roots out as possible so we could reuse as much as possible.  The dirt is amazing rich and filled with lovely juicy worms which is sensational.

We had help from the Overseer of Operations

And our Site Supervisor

It took a few hours but finally the patch was ready

You can't see it yet but we have planted Snow peas, Dwarf Peas, Carrots, Bok Choy, Silverbeet, and in the tubs are mixed lettuces.  We also planted strawberries, but they are out the back.

We were amazingly lucky to have such a brilliant day for it.  The sun shone all day.  Half the street were out working in their gardens with their dogs running around.  It was a really fantastic day.  Half the patch is still empty and we are going to put in capsicums, zucchinis and pumpkin in the next month or so.  We also have a second tub ready for more lettuce.  We are going to sow it 4 weeks apart so we have a longer crop of it.  Honestly, we don't know a huge amount about gardening, but we will learn.

After gardening I went inside and made a big pot of green veg soup for tonights dinner (I always prefer soup the second day) using the most amazing fresh veg from the market.  When the soup was dine I worked on last nights dinner.

It started with Spinach pasta.  I got this from the Central Market.  Completely organic and home made.  

I served the pasta with garlic butter.  We also had mixed lettuce with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

And a dark crusty rye bread from the Farmers Market

It was delicious.  

This morning I find myself in agony.  Not only is my foot (again, I am sure it is the tendon next to the Achilles that is the problem) killing me, but 4 hours of gardening have taken their toll on my legs and walking is painful! LOL.

No Daily Tarot today as I forgot my cards.  I'l bring them tomorrow.



Emz said...

Woohhoooo, the veggie patch looks GREAT! I am sooo jealous!!

That Bush Tucker ice cream looks AMAZING! I was just trying to pick the flavour I'd get and failed miserably .. because they all sound so good!! Let me know the next time you're going to the markets and I'll tag along and annoy yas :P

You still need to try the black bean pasta ... I've heard it's realllly super duper filling!!

Alibongo said...

What a great vegie patch! I want one when we move house, but I will have to put it on concrete, since the only grassed areas will be occupied by a naughty garden digging dog :-)