Friday, August 20, 2010

Organic Gardener

I am going to become a true organic gardener. I went and got this magazine this morning. I have joined the Diggers Club. And I plan on growing what I can. It is hard because we don't have our own place right now, but my MIL is more than happy for us to start a garden at her place. When we move out she will maintain it and we'll still get veggies.

Sunday, after a morning visit to the farmers markets, we are going to start the garden. Depending on what seeds we can get we are going to start with some of the following:

I can't wait until we are eating our own beautiful veggies. We already have our own herbs growing that my Mum got started for us, so this will be a fantastic expansion on that.

Stay tuned for more on this topic.



Emily said...

We have a vegie patch out the back of our place, it's 5 old bath tubs dug into the ground (trying to protect them from wildlife) and I love it. I only have carrots, brocolli and cauli in the moment because I planted my pumpkins and zucchinis too late and they didn't survive the frost, I can't wait to get the next round of seeds in though!

sassy said...

Fantastic. Funnily enough, I was in the garden shop today checking out what I was going to buy and planning where to put our garden.
I generally kill all plants though, so it should be interesting.
I found Kale and I really want to grow that. It's only been stocked at the fruit and veg shop once and it was really yummy.