Saturday, August 21, 2010

Writing Workshop

I have spent today at a Writing Workshop. It has been fantastic. Basically it was about learning different writing exercises and ways to expand your writing ability and widen your field of writing experience. We also got lots of tips for breaking through writers block (oh how I hate that term) plus ways to find things to write about when you want to write but can't think of anything. Some of the exercises were similar to the ones I got from the Children's Picture Book course I did a few months ago, but a lot of them were brand new.

The best thing I find from doing these courses and workshops is that I walk away, not only feeling inspired and motivated, but also with snippets that I can turn into something down the track. A few things that came out today during the exercises I will work on developing. A few can also go straight to the bin! :o)

The last exercise was awesome. I got some really great stuff out of it, and feel as though I really extended myself. It felt so great to be writing randomly and free form again. I need to make free writing part of my writing again. I'm looking forward to doing the exercises and practicing my craft. I'm sure it will improve my novel and my children's stories.

In other news, tonight Ross and I are meant to be going on a night hike. I say meant to because my Achilles (actually I am pretty sure it is the tendons next to the Achilles and not the Achilles itself that is the problem) is really painful today. It probably has a lot to do with running through the city in the rain last night (thanks for that Em) :o) When I get home (this is coming from my phone on the tram) I will ice it, put it up and take some Nurofen, and hopefully I will be fine to go tonight. Tomorrow is farmers market and gardening day, both of which I am really excited about.


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Emz said...

I'm sorryyyyyy Kylieeee :( I hope your achilles is better and that you got to go on your hike. I won't drag you out in the pouring rain again, I promise!!