Friday, August 27, 2010

Feeling Crafty

I haven't worked on any of my craft projects for ages, and I am currently feeling the crafty bug.  First things first, I need to finish the knitted blankets.  I laid them out and realised the size I was going for is just going to be too small.  So I have a couple of choices here.  I can knit for another year to get enough squares to make them big enough, or I can combine what I have and make one good sized blanket.

One blanket won.  That was the original plan but Ross wanted his own.  I have now convinced him that we can share one good sized blanket and snuggle under it together.  So I counted up my squares and I am 2 squares short.  Well, I was.  I finished another one last night.  So now I only need to do one more square and I can put it together.  YAY!

The other reason I want to finish it (other than I am sick of knitting squares) is that I have not done any quilting for ages.  I have been planning my first hand quilt for a few years (I usually work by machine) and have decided it it time to start.  All my fabric is at Mums so I am heading over there tonight to start picking colours.  I am doing a hexagon quilt and I want it to look like a field of flowers.  This project will probably take me a couple of years (especially the speed I work and how often I get distracted) but I don't mind.  I am looking forward to getting started on it.

I walked again this morning.  And I am feeling better for it.  Tomorrow Ross & I are going hiking.  Just to Shepherds Hill, but it will be good.  The plan is to do 2 loops which should take us a few hours.  It's hard to judge distance, but at a guess I would say 6-7 kms.  I am looking forward to it, and the hills will be a real test for my foot.

I hope everyone has a magnificent weekend.


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