Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Each morning when I get to work I flick on the computer, go and make my breakfast, then sit down to catch up on my favourite blogs over my oats with honey & nuts.  It is a morning ritual I love.  Most mornings I have ridden to work.  Today was not one of them.  The heat has finally broken and it is now raining, but that happened AFTER I left for work.  I now haven't ridden for 5 days.

Anyway, I was reading my blogs, and one of them jumped out at me.  I put it aside and read it again when I was done with my Facebooking and Foruming.

Swayerm over at A Day in the Life Of... has really made me sit up and think today.  I won't repeat what she said, go over and have a look yourself.  But it made me realise I need some accountability in my eating and my exercise.  Ross is no good.  If I say I'm too tired, he gives me a kiss and says ok.  I have tried to make him be tougher on me, but he just looks at me with his puppy dog eyes and says ok.  He doesn't mean it.  Well, he probably does, but he is no good at following through.

I am too complacent, and too quick to find the excuse to not eat well, or not exercise.  Truth is, I hate being this fat.  HATE HATE HATE it.  But I still struggle to do all the things I need to do to get rid of it.  I need to work out a way to become more accountable.  I need to find a way to MAKE me do the things I need to do.



swayerm said...

Thanks Kylie... no problems at all with your linking over :)
I am glad I could make you think. I had my ah-ha!! moment last night with the photos on facebook. I'm happy to watch over you, because even though I have come a long way, I still hate the way I am too.
I need to do SOMETHING about it, you know?
Good luck chicken :) Maybe even saving up for a personal trainer for a short period of time (say 5 sessions) will help. Go with a friend if it's expensive, of make OH go with you. Then he'll understand :P

Suzy said...

You sound like your being a bit hard on yourself. I do agree that you do need some sort of accountability, but don't beat yourself up about decisions of the past - look to the future!

The problem with me is motivation, instead of having someone kick you up the butt everytime you don't want to exercise, find the motivation within yourself -- and because you made yourself do it, you'll prbly work harder in your training!

Try a motivation board or book, that you can look at to inspire you and remind you of your goals!

You are doing well! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ok tough love time (and you know this comes from a loving place).....you're motivated and you know what you want. You are really only accountable to yourself. Thats the only way this is ever going to work. Whatever way you've sliced and diced it in the past and whoever you've been trying to be accountable to you've still got the same result. You are the only one you're cheating when you fall off the wagon and you are the most important person you need to be honest to.
lots of love from Singapore (there's a gym in the airport!)

Emz said...

I completely feel you, Kylie!!! I too HATE being fat and know that if I were more accountable for my actions, I could lose the weight. I LOVE a lot of healthy foods - fruit, veg, cottage cheese, eggs, lean meats etc etc. But I still eat my feelings and craving loads of junk.

You've inspired me to go and look at that blog and formulate more of a plan for myself.

Well done you :) xo