Monday, January 11, 2010

Challenge Updates

It has been so hot here in SA for the last few days. Despite having air conditioning, I have been feeling slightly queasy for a few days. So that has translated into not doing my exercise over the weekend. Here is the updates:

Running Challenge
Monday and Wednesday were great. I got out there and pushed myself. Saturday I did not do my walk.

Cycling Challenge
Tuesday’s ride was great. Thursday I went out in the morning and although I did my ride, it wasn’t brilliant. Sunday – no ride.

Healthy Habit a Week Challenge
You would think with the heat drinking all my water would have been a cinch… But for some reason I got stuck into the Pepsi Max all weekend. That is probably one of the reasons I am feeling queasy.

This week I am going to get out there as much as I can for the Running & Cycling Challenges. Although today is another too hot day. The cool change is due tomorrow – YAY – so I will get out there for my ride and take it from there. And for the Healthy Habit a Week Challenge, I am adding habit 2, which is 2 serves of fruit a day. I am determined to have a more solid week.



Anonymous said...

It was a good start Kyles....better than where you were a couple of months ago :)
Hopefully the weather eases soon - keep up the fluids and stay in the air con

Emz said...

Definitely a good start! This weather is a killer so I don't blame you for laying off the exercise this weekend.. I didn't do anything yesterday.. was contemplating doing a yoga DVD and weights inside but it was even too hot inside to be comfortable. I'm really looking forward to the cool change.

Sounds like the running is going great. You're getting out there regularly which is the most important thing.

And as for the Pepsi Max on the weekend... chilled bubbled are refreshing!! Nothing like an icey cold Pepsi Max.. But too much makes me queasy too, and I don't sleep properly at night. When it's hot, I only like ice cold water... but unfortunately there's only so much room in the fridge!!!

Have a great week!