Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protein for Vegetarians

This is a topic I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. I thought I was doing okay with the protein, but since I have started logging my calories again and paying attention to my nutrients, I am realising that I am not doing as well as I could be.

My biggest falling down is lunch at work. We only have a small fridge for 4 staff, and we have a microwave, but nothing else I can use to cook or prepare food. I have been having fruit & yogurt, which is great, but where’s the protein? Then I am exhausted by the end of the day when I need to get out and do my exercise.

What I am thinking of doing is a big cook up this weekend. Make lots of bean and legume dishes which I can freeze, and bring in to be zapped at lunch.

However I do like cold lunches sometimes so I need to give this a lot more thought. Any suggestions on how I can incorporate protein into a cold lunch would be greatly appreciated.



MelBird said...

Are you eating eggs still? That would be a good protein hit.....what about tuna?

Debbie C said...

And this is why my protein shake, Kylie. :)

Kylie said...

Mel, yes, I eat eggs. No tuna though. I should just hard boil a carton of them and bring them in to work.

Deb, I know what you are saying, but I really want to do this without shakes. In saying that I have a 15km ride to the chiro tonight so I have an SLM bar to get me through.

MelBird said...

Protien shakes are different to the Tony Ferguson crap (no offence). It's not meant as a meal replacement and to restrict calories. Don't start me on TF!!!!! I have Protein shakes and they help fill you up and give you the extra protien that you need

swayerm said...

The yoghurt should have some protein in it? But adding some thing like crushed nuts on the top could make it feel a bit more badass as well.
But I do the thing with the eggs, two cartons a fortnight, one gets boiled right away, peeled and kept in the fridge for when Superman or I mooch around for something to eat!
And the shakes, well with a proper protein shake, use it like a tool, not a meal replacement. Very handy things, don't be too harsh on them!!

MelBird said...

Oh yeah nuts!!! I forgot about them. Personnally I quite like a bean salad too :)

Kylie said...

Thanks for all the tips. I like the nut idea and will definitely keep hard boiled eggs on hand.

I will use protein shakes and bars, i just don't want them to be a daily thing, more for when I need them for training etc.

Mel, I forgot about bean salads. I do a wicked chickpea salad so I should make a batch of that up.

Emz said...

What about avocado? Do you like avocado? and Cottage cheese? Cos you could do some cottage cheese & avocado on Ryvitas or some other crackers that you like.


Kylie said...

Ooohhhh. Emz that sounds great! I hadn't thought of that.
Thank you.