Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today's Thoughts

This morning we got a late start.  I am not used to being up so late and it was about 1.30am before we turned the light out.  So heading out for a morning run was not going to happen.  It was moved to tonight, but Ross is feeling ill and my back is twingeing today.  Not seriously, but I have had back issues since I was 5 years old (I was hit by a car) so I take certain twinges seriously.  This is one of them.  It should be fine by tomorrow though.

This afternoon I had my Tupperware Party.  We really did have a great afternoon.  I put my food out (pics to come) and it went down a treat.  The good news is that I got lots of freebies that I was not expecting.

My food has been a little odd today.  We started with a late breakfast of vegetarian "bacon" with eggs and mushrooms. 

The "bacon" was Sanitarium Bacon Style Rashers which is a soy based product.

I had been wanting to try them for quite a while, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  They do carry a certain bacon flavour, although you can tell they are made from soy.  Would I get them again?  Sure.

Since breaky was so late I had a small lunch before the party of a melted cheese sandwich.

Followed by a Chocolate Shortbread.

For afternoon tea I put out some M&M's.

The plate of Mega Choc Chunk Cookies

And the Mexican Lentils with corn chips.

I had a little bit of everything.  The cookies and the Mexican Lentils went down a treat, and were really enjoyed which made me very happy.  :o)  For dinner I just had another sandwich as I really wasn't all that hungry.  Tomorrow I am going back to counting calories as I am determined to shift this weight.  So I will give a total calorie count with my food pics.



Emz said...

I've often wondered what the Sanitarium rashers taste like! Might have to give them a go. I'm not vegetarian but I really enjoy meat alternative products, like the not-dogs Sanitarium make!

That Mexican Lentil dish is begging for me to cook it!! Would you believe though that my local Coles doesn't carry canned lentils?! I do have some dry ones so will have to stop being slack and cook them up!!

Glad that you had a good afternoon :)

Em xox

swayerm said...

I have always wanted to try more stuff with chickpeas, lentils and the like... I just end up not doing it cos I'm scared. Seriously, the most creative cook in my family is scared of lentils. I just end up adding them to the most RANDOM things purely because I don't know what to do with it!! I have it in my mind for some reason that mexican is not good for me...
In my mind all I can see is sour cream and cheese... lol.
Anyhoo. Glad your tupperware party was good :)

Alibongo said...

I eat "Not Bacon" all the time - I often microwave 2 rashers for 1 minute - this maked them go crispy, then I have something nice and crunchy for my lunch box - I like to eat it with gherkin slices and grape tomatoes -