Monday, January 18, 2010

Challenge Update, Exercise Contracts & Pepsi Max

As per my post from earlier today, I didn't go for my run today.  I have spent the evening with my foot up and ice on it.  Tomorrow I will go swimming in the morning, then if it's feeling better tomorrow night I will do tonights run then.

Last weeks challenges were okay.  My healthy habits challenge completely went out the window over the weekend.  Again.  My running challenge I did 1 out of 3 runs.  Not good enough.  Time to get strict.  I have read about making an exercise contract with yourself.  I think this is a good idea.  It is a simple idea.  You write out a contract that you sign, have co-signed, then are obligated to stick to.  I would like to ask all of you to co-sign my exercise contract. 

"I, Kylie, commit to sticking to my running training for the remainder of the timetable set out (barring injury).  I will run 3 times a week with the goal of being able to run 1km at the end of the challenge."

Week 3 of my Healthy Habit a Week Challenge sees me introduce a new challenge.  This weeks challenge is to record my food.  I still have to drink my water and eat my fruit as well as recording the food.  Today went well.  Now for tomorrow...

On to other topics....
Pepsi Max.  Oh how I love thee Pepsi Max.  I love thee bubbles.  I love thee caffeine.  I love thee taste.  But it is crap.  It is turning my teeth brown and it is filled with yucky nasty chemicals.  I suck it down all weekend and don't drink any water.  My sleep is disturbed, my tummy always bloated, and it makes me hungry.  It is time.  I will not go cold turkey.  I don't have time for a 4 day migraine.  I am going to slowly cut back and replace it it tea and coffee.  When I am off the Pepsi (and over the withdrawls from the chemicals) I will then cut back the tea and coffee.  Today went well.  Only 3 glasses (I normally drink 2 litres). 

Food for today was okay, although I did go over my calories.  I am PMS'ing - although I have been for about 2 weeks, my bad food has made my cycle extra long this month - and I am always starving when I am PMS'ing.  I did okay though and made some good choices.

Breakfast was the normal - oats with rice milk and some seeds/nuts and a squirt of honey.

Morning tea was 2 Salada Lites with cheese.  I forgot to take a pic so here is the box.  :o)

Lunch was a big green salad with 2 eggs and a dollop of cottage cheese.

Followed by watermelon & rockmelon.

Afternoon Tea was another Salada with cheese.

When I got home from work I decided to be naughty and have one of my Mega Choc Chunks.  I say naughty because I worked out the calories and these suckers are over 400 calories EACH!!!!

Dinner was egg noodles with the last of the Mexican Lentils that I thinned out with another can of tomatos.

With Bread

Now there are rumours that after dinner my have contained another naughty biccie, but this is something I can not confirm or deny...  :o)

Fingers crossed my ankle is feeling better tomorrow.



Emz said...

I hope your ankle is feeling better too, chickie! I'm glad you've got it up and iced! It will definitely help it!

Well done on the exercise contract! I hereby co-sign it! I looove Pepsi Max too... and used to drink so much of it that I felt ill like you do.. I've cut back a lot mainly because I started being unable to sleep properly at night... I struggled to sleep as it is let alone with that much caffeine in my system. I can only have it if it's before about 3pm now!

As for PMSing.. Last week and this week I am too, and I am staaaaaaaaaarving!! It is beyond a joke. I got home today feeling sick with hunger. I don't know how much of that was emotional hunger but aah, it's tough.

You did well though! Good eats today :) I can't believe those cookies are over 400 calories!! How big are they!? That's about double a Subway cookie and I've always loved those. This is why I know I'm in trouble when I bake :P I make some great peanut butter choc chip cookies which are to die for, but they're about 175cal each.. and I thought that was bad!!

Anyway, enough of my babbles!!
Em xo

swayerm said...

I'll co-sign your contract as well.

And can I please have a bikkie? I need one, PMS in a major way for me, it SUCKS BUTT.

I am just lucky that I keep no money in my wallet for the work caf, and I only bring to work what I am allowed to eat for the day!! Otherwise I'd be eating the house at home right now!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm sorry I missed this... add ABB's signature :)