Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Tour is Here!

Tour Down Under is here!  I love the Tour!  I was just out the front of the office putting our signs out, and the Caisse-Epargne Tea, came riding past on a training ride.  My oh my those boys are fine...  swoon...  LOL

Last year I was lucky enough to be a volunteer on the public ride day.  What an amazing day we had.  Talking to and seeing so many cyclists.  Although I am not participating as a volunteer this year, I am hoping to catch some of the action.  I have a couple of days off next week and have my niece staying with me.  I am hoping to go and see the start of stages 3 & 4, and maybe drop into the city to see some of the final stage as well.  I will also make a trip into the Tour Village at some point.

How I love this time of year!



Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous - say hi to Lance and Cadel for me

swayerm said...

Mmmmm.... I think there's just something about athletes in general for me...
Cyclists are hot, but I reckon swimmers (or at least the ones I used to swim with!!) are the best.
Right up there with the AFL hotties.
And Shane Watson. He's my man of the moment... lol!!