Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tour Down Under

I got my first official fix of the Tour boys today!

We got there early and saw several of the riders up close, like Stuart O'Grady

Jens Voigt

And Cadel Evans.

It was awesome.  After the riders were gone, we headed to the pool for an afternoon of swimming, fun, and laughter.  We had a ball, but came home when we realised that despite reapplying sunscreen several times, we were all burnt.

For dinner we decided to make pizzas. 

This one is mine.  I used Refried beans as the base and topped with tofu, capsicum, mushrroms, sun dried tomatos and spinach.  Ross went spicy and added ham and chilis, and Kayla went basic with ham and pineapple with a tomato base.  We all loved them.

Not sure what tomorrow will hold.  Hopefully we will get to the TDU Village in the afternoon.  Other than that, I will let Kayla decide.


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