Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, my Hump Day

This morning was a bit of a late start for me.  I was planning on going swimming but I slept through the alarm.  When I did get up I realised my ankle wasn't hurting.  YAY!  I jumped in the shower, and after about 2 minutes in the hot water my ankle started to ache.  BOOOOO....  I got Ross to drive me to work so I had time to ice my ankle before heading off.

Breakfast was the usual, oats with rice milk, nuts & honey.

Work was busy today, to the point that I missed morning tea.  Now that NEVER happens!  I was doing well with the Pepsi Max thing, but then my boss went to get everyone morning tea as a congrats for an award we won last week.  Because I am being good and said no to the donuts on offer, he bought me a 600ml Diet Coke.  But hey, it's better than a dount.

Lunch was Cruskits with cottage cheese followed by blueberries & a banana with vanilla yogurt - which is my 2 servings of fruit.


Afternoon tea, which I don't always have, was my morning tea, 2 Salada Lites with cheese.

Since I didn't have the bike I had to walk home.  Ross has gone to a friends for dinner and was going to his Mums for a while first so I was on my own.  It is about a 35 minute walk.  I took off and my ankle was feeling okay.  After 5 minutes it was hurting.  Not good.  I changed footpaths and it felt ok again.  The path I was walking on was sloping to the right, and the slope was enough to cause some pain in my foot.  By the time I got to the park, although it was still a little sore, I decided I could try running.

Note to self - running with a backpack loose on your bag is awful...

I lasted 30 seconds.  It was swishing from side to side and banging against my back.  So I tightened the arm straps and pulled out the tummy strap and did it up tight.  Next run, only 60 seconds before I started to feel pulling down my left hamstring.  Third run, 60 seconds before I felt it in my ankle.  Time to stop.  But, I gave it a shot.  I stuck to my exercise contract (thank you Em and Swayerm for co-signing it) and now I feel good that I did my best.

So now I know, the ankle is related to the hamstring and hip issues which is related to my back.  At least I now have a fix.  I will see the Chiropractor again soon.

I got home and ate a vegemite sandwich

With my foot up with my makeshift ice pack while I watched the days highlights of the Tour Down Under. 

After the Tour it was time to find something to eat.  It was just me so I wanted something quick.  I looked in the fridge.  Tofu and lots of green veggies (I seem to have eaten all the other coloured veggies).  OK, tofu and veg stirfry. 


To the tofu I added garlic, spring onion, spinach, bok choy, capsicum, broccoli, snow peas and mushrooms, and mixed in some oregano, parsley & hoi sin sauce.  I was planning on serving it with rice noodles, until I saw it all together and realised how much I had cut up.  So I just had it as is and it was delicious!  And incredibly filling.  Calories for today are spot on.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week.  YAY!



Emz said...

Hey Kylie!

Which vanilla yoghurt do you use?? I'm trying to find a new yoghurt which I like that isn't too bad on calories.. I can't stand the diet ones anymore :( :(

WELL DONE for trying the running :) You gave it a go and that's the main thing. It sounds like it's definitely all connected and you need to rest it and see the chiro! And I've tried running with a backpack loose on my back too - TERRIBLE!!! I learnt pretty quickly to tighten the straps as far as they'll go :P

Do you work 3 days a week? Or do you have Thurs/Fri off this week? I have tomorrow and Thurs off - YAY :D

Em xo

Kylie said...

Hi Em

I have Yoplait Forme French Vanilla. I don;t actually like yogurt, but this one is quite yum.

I normally work a 5 day week, but I have taken a few days off for the Tour and my niece is coming to stay. I can;t wait!


swayerm said...

Owh, Jealous.... I only have Friday off!!
And I am going to be nowhere near a computer for at least 3 days over the weekend... how am I going to get my blogging fix???

Emz said...

Ahh that sounds great, Kylie! Enjoy it! :)

Eeek Swayerm... you poor thing!!!