Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healthy Habit a Week Challenge

I got this idea from the Escape from Obesity blog. And I love it! Basically you pick one new healthy habit to cultivate each week for a set period (I am going for 10 weeks). At the end of the 10 weeks you should have 10 brand new healthy habits that will hopefully stay with you.

My first weeks healthy habit is to drink at least 1.5L of water a day. If I have Monday as a start day I am doing well already, as I drank 2.25L yesterday, and am nearly through my first litre for today.

Week 2 I think I will work on getting my 2 pieces of fruit a day as this is something I really struggle with. After that – who knows! I will sit down on the weekend and try and work out what other healthy habits I want to become part of my life.


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