Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thinking about things...

I got posed a question in the last few days.  It was on a weight loss forum I visit.  We were talking about success - or lack thereof - with our weights in 2009.  Then this came up....

"What are you doing to make 2010 different to 2009?"

It got me thinking.  What AM I doing different this year?  The answer - Not a whole lot.  My eating is still all over the place, my exercise sporadic at best. How on earth am I doing to achieve my goals and become the person I want to become, if I repeat the same behaviors over and over?

I need to DO something.

One possible answer...

I am going to go to a meeting this weekend and see if this is for me.  I know that the point system is pretty much the same as counting calories - I get that.  The difference is going to a weekly meeting.  Being with others who have been there or are there right now.  Listening to the information presented.  And having to front up each week and get on the scales in front of someone.

Maybe this is what I need right now?  Only way to find out is to go and give it a shot.  Wish me luck!



katt said...

Good luck kylie I do weight watchers point and the best thing for me is it easy to up to 23pts then to count 2000 calories. I like things simple.

lots of luck

Emz said...

Good luck, Kylie!!! When I lost weight, I lost 17kg using WW and it was so much easier than counting calories.. I didn't get as obsessed with it, and you can still work in treats etc... They also have new plans where you don't count points all the time, just on 'junk' type foods..
I've often thought about going back because the weekly meeting really is great. You'll probably already know all the stuff they teach you in the meeting but just the atmosphere and the fact that everyone is there in it together is great.

Which meeting are you thinking of going to? :)

Em xox

Kylie said...

Thanks Katt & Emz. I am hoping this will be right for me.
Em I am going to go to Saturday morning meetings at Norwood. It is pretty much the only one in easy riding distance at a time I can make it most weeks. The others are all on Mondays or Wednesdays after work and I have some WEA courses coming up on those days.

Emz said...

Ahh fair enough hun, at least it's nice and close to you. I think you'll like WW.
Something's got to give with me too.. Josh just asked if there were any ice creams left and of course there weren't because I'd eaten them all. I don't know what to do, really.

Whoever 996 is, wow, what an insight .... not.

Elash said...

Hi Kylie,
you probably don't know me, I've posted a couple of times on calorie king.
I attended weightwatchers and lost 30kg. A great program! I felt like I was in a big hole with my weight problem and there really was no way out, until weightwatchers. They gave me the rope that I needed to pull myself right out of that hole.
I hope you find what you need with them too. Best wishes
Elaine (Elash on CK)