Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Start of the Long Weekend

First things first.  I wonke up this morning, ankle feels fine.  Had a hot shower, ankle feels fine.  Rode to work, ankle feels fine.  Worked all day, ankle feels fine.  Rode home, ankle feels fine.  YAY!  I am happy.

Tonight my sister brought my niece over to stay for a few days.  She is 12, which is such a cool age.  In the last 6 months she has switched from being a little kid to an 'adult in training'.  I can have adult conversations with her, we SMS, she is on Facebook.  But we still have fun times and play board games and muck around.  My sister and nephew stayed for dinner then left 'the girl' with me.  We have some cool things planned for the next few days and I am really looking forward to it.

I forgot to take my camera to work today, so no food photos from the day.

For dinner I did another new recipe I have been thinking about.  I wanted a light pasta sauce but needed something with a bit of protein.  The main 2 ingredients are lentils and tomatos.  Check out the recipe here.  It turned out great.  Absolutely delicious and 2nd helping were dished out.

We had it with rice noodles and parmesan.  It really was great.

The plan for tomorrow is to go and watch the start of Stage 3 of the Tour Down Under, then go for a swim at the local pool.  After that I need to drop my bike off at the doctors (aka the bike shop) for a service and some minor repairs.  Depending on how we feel we might go into the Tour Village to see the bikes and perhaps catch a glimpse of some of the lovely young things in lycra (aka cyclists).

Till then...



swayerm said...

Erk, I hope your bike doesn't take over a week like mine did!!! At least I got to ride to work this morning!! Whoo!!!

And ace about your ankle, well done... I thought I was going to get to the "ride home" part and your ankle would be broken or something... glad it didn't go like that!!!


MelBird said...

oooh I'm so jealous!! Give some of those cyclist a good luck tap on the bottom for me :)

Emz said...

Mmm looks great, Kylie! I've been meaning to get lentils for so long... MUST do it!! I'm glad your ankle is feeling better too.

Have fun at the tour!