Sunday, January 24, 2010

This & That

The last few days have been nice and relaxing.  Friday Kayla and I decided to have a day in.  Kayla was keen to do some baking.

So we made some M&M cookies.

They are basically the Mega Choc Chunk Cookies, except we took out the nuts and added M&M's.  They were absolutely delicious, and I made sure she took ALL of them home with her.  Other than the cooking, the only thing we did on Friday that required any energy, was going out to pick up my bike from the bike shop.  It was well overdue for a service and the bike shop did a sensational job.  Plus it was a lot cheaper than I expected so I could afford to get a new helmut to replace my old one (all the lining on the foam has come off and it is itchy).  The new one is also pink.  I love it.

Yesterday, after Kayla got picked up, I got to ride my bike for the first time since the service.  It was SENSATIONAL!  Like riding a brand new bike.  Now more clunks, or squeaks, or wobbles.  It is beautiful.

I rode the bike to meet fellow blogger Em from Zee Food & Frog Blog.  It was wonderful to meet her.  We had a great afternoon and discovered lots in common.  I also got my Cinnamon Vanilla Surprise Massage Balm from Bee Calm Balms

Em makes these balms herself.  The scent is absolutely devine, and the massage balm is beautiful.  If you use massage oils I strongly suggest you give these balms a try as an alternative.  They are really well priced and feel fabulous on your skin.  She has other products as well, so please take a look.

Last night some good friends came over for dinner.  I had planned to my a vegetable lasagna based on this one by Ali.  When I woke up yesterday morning I suddenly remembered, my friends are eating low carb.  Buggar.  There goes my lasagna idea...  So I gave it some thought and decided that I could still do the lasagna, just with no pasta.  So I came up with my very own Pasta-Free Vegetable Lasagna.

It actually turned out really well, and everyone asked for seconds.  I served it with Baked Tofu, which I had never done before either.  But it was delicious.

The dishes went really well together and I would make both again.  Plus it was great to see our friends again and we had an awesome night.

Today is going to be a relaxing day.  We were going to go into the last stage of the Tour Down Under, but we are both still sore from getting sunburnt the other day so have decided to have another chilled out at home day.

I know I haven't mentioned running in the last few days.  I haven't been out.  I broke our contract.  I have no excuse.  But I will get back to it tomorrow.

Until then...


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Emz said...

Hi Kylie!

Mmm those cookies DO look great! Now I'm really glad Kayla took them all home!!!

Thanks for the plug too!! I'm really glad you like the balm :D I'm growing very attached to this little project/business so I love to hear good things!!!

The veggie non-lasagne and baked tofu look great too! Your cooking skills have come such a long way!

I didn't make it to the TDU either.. I went out for lunch with my brother and by the time I got home, Josh had already gone out and he bumped into my parents there so they were all watching together!! I was quite jealous :P But I had balms to make and a fruit platter to cut up.. and after that I just couldn't be bothered going out to see it because by the time I got there it would have been finished!!

Ah, so you've broken your contract... time for a new one :D :D