Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holidays: Day 11: New Bras

Last night at A's place was a lot of fun. We chatted, gossiped, sewed, and laughed. A & E put together a quilt top. The blocks were already pieced, and they got the whole thing put together. It was a real tag team event, one of them sitting at the machine stitching the sashings in place, the other one ironing and getting the next pieces in order and ready to go. It was fascinating to watch. I stitched a couple more flowers.

When I got home Ross was already waititng in the tent. I got into my flannie jammies and went out to join him. It was a lot of fun, but it was also freezing! I could not believe how cold it was. I woke up at 3am shivering. Since I was miserable, I thought it only fair that Ross was too. LOL! I woke him up to tell him I was cold - with the ulterior motive being that he might get up and get another blanket. His response... To snuggle closer and fall back asleep. Sigh...

Today was a shopping day. We went to Westfield. I rarely shop for myself, but today was about me. We met Em for lunch and then shopped. I got 3 nice tops, a Tshirt, 2 pairs of thongs and some new undies. Then we headed over to the Boobie Trap for bras. I desperately needed bras. I got 2 pairs of sports bras and 1 pretty blue bra. I am very happy with my haul. It was nice to shop for me. The only thing I didn't get that I still need is trackie pants.

Tomorrow we are off to Hahndorf. I am really looking forward to it.


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spunkysuzi said...

New bras always make me happy :)