Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holidays: Day 2: Baking

This morning started much the same as yesterday.  Woke up about 7.30 and read for a while.  By about 8.30 I was done reading so I got up, fed the menagerie, then got out the computer to find something to bake.

It had to be something I had the ingredients for.

Time to bake my famous Giant Honey Oat Cookies.  With a twist today.  This time I added a cup of almond slivers, and can I just say - YUMMO!!!!!  Made a massive difference.  I will definitely be doing that again.

While they were baking I sat at the computer for a while.  Next Wednesday is our monthly Paranormal Group Meetup.  Since we are both on leave we decided to stay up in the Adelaide Hills for the night.  So we have booked a room at the Stables Inn in Hahndorf.  It looks really nice.

The other thing I did was register the both of us for the upcoming Rogaine event in 2 weeks time.  It is a 6 hour night event, but our goal is to just do maybe 3 hours then camp the night.  I figure it will be a good introduction to the sport and a way to see if we enjoy it.  In honour of the registration Ross and I headed out to get...

My very own compass!  Plus an introductory book on map reading.  Ross has a compass and he knows how to read maps and everything, but if I am going to do this sport, then I need to learn as well.  I have had my first compass lesson, and I think I could use it to find my direction.  I have started reading the book and it is really interesting.  But there is a lot to learn.  Put it this way, I am glad that Ross will be there to do the actual map reading while I fumble along next to him.  :o)


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