Friday, October 22, 2010

Holidays: Day 13: The remainder of the day

I had to do another small post because yesterday afternoon was so much fun!  I went to my friends Emma's house for a massage.  Now, Emma and I have only been friends for under a year, but we have become quite close.  However in all that time I never realised what a complete sadist she is! LOL  She LOVES to inflict pain.  And she is GOOD at it!  LOL  I had several quite large muscle knots (that have probably been forming since my last massage about 2.5 years ago).  And she poked and prodded and jabbed and rubbed until tears ran down my face...

The good news - today I feel fantastic!  Thanks Em.

After the torture session we wandered down to Chinatown for some dinner.  I had Salt & Pepper Tofu.  It was sensational!  I have eaten so much good food lately.

Then we went back to her place while I waited for Ross to come and get me.  The result of sitting around chatting - a water fight in her kitchen!  I have not laughed so hard in AGES!  It was quite simply - awesome.  Of course, I left before the clean up - sorry Em - NOT! LOL

From there I went to watch Ross's Bowling league.  He didn't have a good night, but his team still managed to scrape in for the win.


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Emz said...

I'm glad you liked the massage :D I didn't realise you had tears rolling down your face - you should have told me!! Now I feel bad ... nahhh, I don't really :P

The water fight was funny as :P No clean up, the water would have dried eventually, I'm sure :P :P