Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holidays: Day 14: Movies

Yesterday afternoon Ross & I decided to use some free movie tickets we had and head off to an afternoon at the cinema. We went and saw 'Tomorrow When The War Began'. It was excellent. Much better than I expected. Especially considering there were Neighbours & Home & Away actors in it... LOL. It was a seriously good movie, although it ended fairly abruptly, leaving it wide open for a sequel.

Last night we headed to a friends for dinner and to meet her new man. Both were lovely, the dinner and the man. :o) It was a late night again though.

I have had so many late ones this week, Monday morning is going to be a real struggle. But I have also had a great week, so no complaining here.

This afternoon we are heading up north to the Rogaining event. To be honest, I am shit scared. But hopefully it will be fun and we won't be lost in the bush for a week... LOL.


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