Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Fabric Arrived!

YAY!  My fabric arrived!  I am so impressed, it took 9 working days from the US, very impressive.  It is stunning - the photos don't do it justice.  Now I just have to make it up.

I have the pattern - that arrived the other day, but I need to sew it at Mum's since my sewing machine is in storage.  Not really that big a deal, we go to the storage shed all the time.  The problem is, in my infinite wisdom when packing up the house last year, I packed the foot control in a box, not with the machine.  There are around 50 boxes in the storage shed and I have no idea which one it is in...  LOL



wackywoman said...

Oh and it is wonderful Kylie. Good choice!

Beeshebags said...

How exciting that you've got new fabric and a pattern to go with it...all in speedy time. Can't wait to see the finished item. Hugs Naomi

Khris said...

Ohhh lovley goodies...isnt it nice getting new fabrics to play with...have fun Kylie...hugs Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Wonderful fabric. I love April Cornell's stuff.
hugs Karen

Anita said...

Lovely fabric! Can't wait to see what you make!

Diana said...

Looks so pretty, can't wait to see them made up.