Thursday, October 14, 2010

Holidays: Day 6: Mum

Mum came up today to help MIL with a small sewing project.  A log cabin chicken.

I have made them before and MIL wanted to learn.  Hers still needs to be stuffed.  This one is mine.

While they started I got to the horrible task of ironing my hexagon flowers.  I hate that part of the sewing process.  But now all 30 that are made are ironed, ready for the joining hexies to be added.

I made us lunch - home made pizza again, oh how I love thee - and then made more Honey Oat Cookies since there are none left for me to take to my sewing day tomorrow.  Yum.  I added almonds again.  I think this will need to become part of the permanent recipe.

Tonight Ross & I are off to bowling.  He has joined a bowling league.  So he'll bowl, I'll cheer him on.  He started last week and loved it (he used to bowl many years ago so he is getting back into it).  I am looking forward to seeing him in action.

When we get home we are planning on sleeping in...

Our hiking tent.  We have never tested it out so we figured it was time, especially since we will be using it at the Rogaining event next weekend.  To me, it looks just big enough to squeeze one person into, but it is designed for 2.  Hmmm....  We will see.  LOL

I'll leave you with Shiva, looking very happy in Ross's arms....


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sassy said...

Wow, I hope you survived the bad weather last night. I had a hard enough time sleeping in a bed!!