Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holidays: Days 12 & 13: Hahndorf

Firstly I would like to say a huge than you to everyone for their positive comments yesterday.  I was really scared to put that all out there, but your love and support made me so glad I did.  :o)

Now, yesterday we headed to Hahndorf for the day and to stay the night.  We got there before we could check into the Motel and spent several hours wandering up and down Main Street.  There are so many interesting shops along the way it is easy to spend a day.

We stopped at a little place called Herbees for lunch.  I got the Swiss Brown Mushroom Burger,

And Ross got the Veggie baguette.

We split them in half and shared.  They were both great, but I have to say the burger was the best.  It was absolutely divine.

The Motel was small but lovely.  Only a handful of rooms, and they were small.  But they were clean, had a bed, a working kettle, and a bathroom.  What more do you need! LOL

Last night we went to the Bridgewater Inn for our Paranormal Group monthly catch up.  We missed last month so it was great to see everyone again.  The food was fantastic, but I forgot to take photos.  I had a Pumpkin Gnocchi that seriously melted in your mouth.  It was amazing.  It was well after midnight before we left, and it was nice only having a 10 minute drive to get home.

This morning we had breakfast in Hahndorf before heading home.

I got Belgian Waffles

OMG - They were so GOOD!

This afternoon I am heading over to Em's for a long overdue massage.  Then I am off to watch Ross bowl again tonight.



spunkysuzi said...

It's official i'm drooling now :)

Khris said...

OMG those waffles look great...looks like hubby enjoyed himself...hugs Khris