Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are going to give it a go.  :o)  The best description I have had so far is:

You are given a list of locations with a points value allocated to each and you have to plan a route where you get a minimum number of points. You can either go to the furthest ones which have the most points but take longest or go to closest ones with less points but have to get to more locations within your allocated time.
Generally you get an hour to plan before starting.

Sounds like a lot of fun.  I contacted the Rogaining SA association and they have a 6 hour event in 2 weeks.  You can register for your first event as a "Novice".  It is a night event, which is fine as we love night hiking.  We don't have to go for the full 3 hours, we can just go for 3 or 4 if we want to, it is entirely up to us.  I'm going to have a chat to Ross when he gets home from work and see if he wants to do this in 2 weeks time.  Otherwise, we will just wait until the 3 hour event.


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