Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Legs Feeling Better

What a relief it is to have normal feeling in my legs again. :o) All things considered I think my recovery time wasn't too bad, but it is nice to not feel every movement of every muscle.  Tomorrow I will get back on the bike and ride to work again. That will feel great!

This is my 3rd day back at work and I almost feel like my holidays were a dream.  I am still more relaxed than I was before I left but in some ways it is like I had no time off at all...  If only work were optional. :o)

Yesterday I looked into gyms again.  I know, I know.  I hate the gym.  But I need to do something to get my legs stronger for Rogaining. At this point I have decided not to join one.  I am going to find things that I can do outdoors to get stronger.  For example, there is a set of steep stairs and a steep pathway down at Seacliff.  I can ride there on the weekends and climb up and down those.  Plus Mt Lofty is not that far away - that is sure steep enough to qualify.  I just need to do some sort of steep leg work once a week in addition to my riding and running (when I can get back to it).

Speaking of getting back to it, I have made an appointment at the Physio for next Tuesday night to have my Achilles looked at.  It is getting a lot better, but it is taking a long time.  I should have done this months ago really, but I didn't. :o)


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